Hi everyone, my name is Laura and my husband and I have been blessed to live in Europe for the past several yearsLaura at SleepSecrets.Siterubix.com. We have four children, currently ranging from 14-24 and a wonderful daughter-in-law. They all have either visited or lived with us during our stay in Europe.

Given that we know we won’t live in Europe forever, we are focused on making the most of our time here. That means lots of travel – pretty much whenever the kids are out of school!

Over time, we learned simple things that streamlined our traveling. Additionally, I found that many friends were going to really cool places I’d never heard of!

Why I Created this Site

Experiencing the joy of both sharing and receiving travel hints from/with experienced friends, I realized there’s a great community of travelers, both experienced and inexperienced, who could benefit from sharing their knowledge. This is the reason I created this website. If you would like to benefit from the experiences of like-minded travelers, this place is for you. We share the most opportune times to visit a certain city or key festivals not to miss, places to stay which we enjoyed, transportation advice, ideas for kids, etc.

Our tribe is a team of traveling contributors eager to share their experiences. Our site is organized to provide the option to shop for ideas based on time of year for traveling, preferences for travel or areas in which to travel. We hope you find great ideas and recommendations that set you on a clear path of exploration through travel.

I wish you all the best as you make the most of your travel opportunities and thank you for dropping by!

To great travels,


Founder of Our Travel Tribe
email. support@ourtraveltribe.com


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