Mallorca is Beautiful!

Mallorca is beautiful! Stunning! Fun! Diverse!


I had heard Mallorca is a popular holiday destination for Germans. Now I know why.

Mallorca Beaches (3)

Mallorca cries out to you with great day trips. The farthest drive across the island is about 2 hours with most of the cross-island trips about 1 – 1.5 hours long.

Mallorca beaches are diverse: sandy public beaches on the edge of towns (or the city of Palma), hidden coves available by trail (or boat), rocky cliffs, and stone filled shores.

Mallorca Beaches (2)

Mallorca includes mountainous terrain great for hiking, climbing and mountain biking.

Malllorca Mountains

Mallorca is clearly popular for cyclist training – because of its diverse terrain, climbs and year-round climate. Mallorca averages temperatures in the 50s F in the winter and 80s F in the summer. We saw cyclists everywhere we went.

Can Pastilla

Our visit was centered in Can Pastilla, where we used an AirBnB apartment located within a short walk from the beach. It was a great place to center our family of teens. Bikes to rent for five euro a day, wind surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, etc. Can Pastilla has an easy bike ride along the coast to Palma, the capital of the Balearic Islands of Spain.

Mallorca Beaches (13)

Evening Kite Surfing on Can Pastilla Beach

Cap de Formentor

I would not suggest visiting Cap de Formentor if you are on Mallorca during the height of the tourist season. The parking lot is way too small and the narrow road that leads to the top leaves little space for turning around. I am sure there were people spending 30 minutes just trying to get their car turned around in the mess. It was too congested already on our mid-June visit so if you go in June, I would suggest a morning visit to avoid the traffic. There’s a superb pull-over on the way up to Cap de Formentor that I enjoyed more than the final destination.

Mallorca Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor

We enjoy “beach hopping” when we’re on an island like Mallorca. We head out in a direction and look for a cove or area that looks interesting. On our return from Cap de Formentor, we found a beach cove with a large parking lot.


We hiked down to the beach and the kids enjoyed some excellent exploring while my husband and I climbed back up the mountainside to find some shade.


Port de Sóller

We took a nice meandering drive along the west coast one day and ended up at Port de Sóller. It was a fabulous public beach with a wonderful array of cafe’s, restaurants, and a few shops along the walk ways. The restaurants and cafe’s all included significant outdoor eating areas, well planned to provide numerous options to beach visitors.

Mallorca Beaches (11)I fully understand why Mallorca is a repeated destination for many visitors. Our AirBnB host was surprised it was our first visit to Mallorca, as if everybody who visits has visited numerous times before. Now I know why.

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