Pula, Croatia

Pula makes for a wonderful family vacation! Our family of four (12 & 14 yr old) thoroughly enjoyed an early April trip to Pula. We saw the Arena, other Roman ruins, enjoyed traversing the Adriatic coastline, visited Brijuni – a National Park and the city of Fazana.

Arena - Pula, Croatia

Arena – Pula, Croatia



English is well-known in Pula and people were quick to speak it. That was extremely helpful as the Croatian and English words seem to have little in common. Most menus, signs, etc. were in multiple languages, to include German and English. Our AirBnB apartment was about a 10-15 minute walk to downtown, a very short walk from a nice grocery store, in a residential area, and within a block of a bus-stop. It is a two-bedroom with a sectional sofa in the family room. The hosts were wonderful.

Pula, Croatia

Temple of Augustus – Constructed 2 BC – 14 AD
Pula, Croatia


For our 5 day (3 touring days) stay, it was cost-effective to use the public transpo and taxis vice renting a car. We took a taxi to and from the airport. We took the city bus from downtown to Verudela (great beaches & coastline hiking) and Fazana, where Brijuni National Park is located. It cost about 11 kuna per person for travels. We bought Kuna, the Croatian currency, at the airport but bought the rest at the tourist center or at ATMs downtown. It was cheaper downtown than at the airport, as expected. We flew via RyanAir and there was a shuttle bus to Pula but because we’d need a taxi to our apartment from the bus-stop, the bus driver kindly told us it would be cheaper for us to just take a taxi.

Pula Beach 2

Adriatic Coast – Pula, Croatia

Jupiter Pizzeria was a recommended restaurant and we enjoyed it. However, there were many restaurants and sidewalk cafes in downtown Pula. While in Fazana, we took the recommended excursion to Brijuni National Park. It consists of a ferry ride to the island, an electric train ride through a safari, a stop for lunch, a tour of some local buildings, photo history under President Tito and a tour of a gardens area. We think we would have better enjoyed just getting tickets to take the ferry over to the island and biking on the island. The ferry traverses on the hour (at least in our off-season visit, so maybe more frequently in the summer).

Pula, Croatia

The Beautiful Town of Fazana, Croatia


Our 5-day visit to Pula seemed just right. We would probably have enjoyed an entire week easily if it were warmer. Temps were around 60F. The locals mentioned it is staying warm until about October now; that the seasons have shifted about a month, with it staying cooler in the Spring.


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